Life happens when you've been prescribed a new, more expensive medication and need some advise on how to get an alternative and learn how to use it.

Life happens when you don’t have a car during a cold, Minnesota winter.

Life also happens in your dorm room when you realize you need to pick up your medications on your own.

Life happens when allergy season hits and your medication makes you sleep through class.

Life also happens when you study all night for that test you’re worried about because you fell asleep in class.

Welcome to Sterling.

Established in 1952 in Austin, Minnesota, Sterling is a family-owned company that has grown to serve 17 rural communities across Minnesota and northern Iowa. Dedicated to serving individuals and entire communities, your Sterling team is committed to making your pharmacy experience as pleasant as possible.

Sterling Northfield
Community Pharmacist

Following our mission to build healthier lives through caring relationships, Sterling is moving one of our pharmacists, Jessica, out from behind the counter and placing her within the community. By working in the Northfield community, Jessica has the unique ability to meet you where life happens. This change will facilitate a more intimate relationship between you and the most accessible member of your healthcare team — your pharmacist.

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Jessica at Sterling Northfield

Meet Jessica

I’m Jessica, your Sterling Northfield Community Pharmacist. At Sterling, we believe that having better relationships and communication with your healthcare team will lead to better health.

I am excited to partner with local individuals, health professionals, and organizations to improve the overall health of the Northfield community.

Connect With Jessica,
Northfield’s Community Pharmacist
Keith at Sterling Northfield

Meet Keith

I’m Keith, your Sterling Northfield lead pharmacist. I encourage you to visit Sterling to meet an important part of your healthcare team –
your pharmacist.

I’d be happy to sit down with you to discuss your medications and personal health goals. Managing your health can be complicated, but your Sterling team is here to help.

Sterling Pharmacy Services

Sterling provides a full range of pharmacy services and support to build healthier lives through caring relationships. Our team of pharmacisits will work with you to tailor solutions that fit your needs and help you achieve your desired health outcomes.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Multiple Medication Management

Do you visit your pharmacy several times a month to pick up each of your medications? Let Sterling simplify your life by lining up those medications, allowing you to pick up all of your daily medications in just one monthly visit.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
One-On-One Medication Reviews

Your Sterling pharmacist is available for one-on-one conversations to review your medications. Your pharmacist will also offer guidance to help you meet your personal health goals.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Customized Medications

Sterling makes many medications from scratch to make sure they meet your unique needs. You or your pet may need a custom compounded medication due to allergies, trouble swallowing or many other reasons. If you do, just stop in or call to take about it.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Blood Pressure Tracking

Sterling offers a free Smart Card that allows you to easily track your blood pressure. You can print your ten previous readings at our Sterling in-store blood pressure machine, or you can create an online profile to track your progress.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Simplifying Medications

Staying on top of your medications can be difficult. By using our Medicine-On-Time® tool, Sterling combines all of your daily medications into one easy-to-use, color-coded package that simplifies when to take your medications throughout the day.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Identifying Your
Medicare Part D Options

Once you turn 65 years of age, your Sterling pharmacist can look at your Medicare Part D insurance options and help you identify the best plan for you. Sterling can help evaluate costs of medications and monthly premiums, and identify which plans are accepted at Sterling.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Medication Instructions
Made Simple

Taking your medications properly is essential for your health, but sometimes it’s not clear how to take them. Fortunately, Sterling offers a useful tool called Meducation® that explains complex instructions in your language of choice and easy to understand visuals.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Health Goal Setting

Sometimes a healthier you requires some goal-setting. Sterling’s Community Pharmacist is available to help you create a personalized health plan that works best for your lifestyle.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Medication Adherence Tools

Medications are only effective if we take them properly. Sterling can provide you with tools to make sure you or your loved one is taking medications properly and effectively.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Workplace Health Programs

Much of our lives are spent at work. To help keep you happy and healthy, Sterling’s Community Pharmacist can partner with your place of business to offer various health programs.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Immunizations &
Preventative Care

Immunizations are extremely important to our current and future health. Sterling offers immunizations in the store, as well as in the community, through our Community Pharmacist.

Sterling Northfield Pharmacy Services
Health Education Sessions

Connect with Sterling to learn and understand new or unfamiliar health topics. We can walk you through the topic at hand, answer any questions you may have, and offer advice on potential health improvements.

Your Medications Delivered

If delivery is more convenient for you, simply let your Sterling team know. We offer same day medication delivery, Monday through Friday, and all in-town deliveries are free of charge. Don’t worry if you live outside of Northfield – connect with us to learn about our other delivery options.

Would you like your medications delivered directly to you every time? If you would like us to automatically deliver your medications, simply let your Sterling team know when you call or visit our store.

Do you need any other items from your Sterling Northfield pharmacy? Feel free to add any of our other products to your medication order and we will bring it with us right to your door.

Leaving town for winter? Ask about our mail and UPS options.

Sterling Northfield Services